VALLEYFIELD * EVENT DATES: July 11 - 12 - 13

PIT ARRIVAL: July 10 from 8:30AM-8:00PM. If for whatever reason you will not make it to the pits by 8:00pm please call me on my cell and I will make arrangements on your behalf. Cell # is noted below.


FORMS: Registration form, Waiver and Waiver (Minor) are attached. Please fill in the forms, one waiver for each of the passes you will require. Please scan and email to or by fax to 450.371.7175. Please ensure your boat name and number along with "VINTAGE" are clearly marked on each form. Doing this in advance will make registration a 2 minute process which is what we all want.

TOW MONEY: $250 with a $50 ACHA registration fee so NET $200 + a case of beer.

PIT PASSES: (8) HOT PITS for on water participants (4) for STATIC DISPLAY. For kids under age 13 we will have special passes so do not count those in your allocation. Let me know if kids passes are required and please also mark the total required on your boat registration form.

PIT PLACEMENT: Most likely Vintage together and we'll be towed out to the cranes for our heats. That being said the F1's will be in the main pits this year so we need to be prepared for an audible which means STATIC pit and mixed amongst the current hulls. Please prepare for SUN and SHADE. We also encourage clear display of story boards, photo albums etc that showcases the history of your hull.

INSPECTION: Each hull, driving equipment and slings will be inspected to ensure all is up to spec following current APBA/CBF vintage rules. Sylvain Demers has volunteered to help inspect and Bill D. takes care of the other skiffs. In the interest of time and effort would appreciate if we could see another volunteer to help Sylvain?

HEATS: Gold Cup Speedsters will open up the course each day for the anthem laps and the other vintage heats will most likely run in the middle of the schedule each day as a group of three heats.